Eve Austin



Gemma is a walking, breathing hangover of the ‘hippie era’.  A ‘love child’ of the first order, her summer of love has somehow lingered late into the fall.  Having looked in all the wrong places to find someone who could fill the void left by surviving a too painful childhood, she has resigned herself to seeking fulfillment through her own brand of ‘yogic enlightenment.’

She has become battle hardened by too many failed relationships and failed businesses that she truly believed were going to lead her to the promised land.  Now ‘hunkered down’ on the outskirts of this northern city, she contents herself with providing an occasional glimpse of Nirvana to those hapless few who unwittingly stray into her humble surroundings.  Hers is a simple joy, but there is still something missing and she can’t quite put her finger on it.

                                                 Linda Collins



A fashion maven who has learned how to divert her pain into laughter and an extremely healthy wardrobe.  She has also channeled her considerable anxiety into a voracious appetite for carnal pleasures.  Married several times, she truly believes that you get one ride on this merry-go-round, it doesn’t matter how many horses you change, when it stops turning you are pretty much, right back where you started.  Therefore, you better enjoy the ride.  She is a free spirit who hides her light in her suburban boutique, returning to the scene of her misspent youth, to wreak new havoc on the urban landscape.  If it is not fun, she’s not going there.

                                                SandRa Lucas



Susannah Brown was born to the ‘Southern gentry’ and truly believed that if she conducted herself with style and grace, married the ‘right’ professional man and raised her children by the “Book”, she would live happily every after in a fairy-tale of her own creation.  A college graduate, for almost three (3) decades, it all seemed to be moving along swimmingly.  After graduating SMU with a degree in Business Management, for ten (10) years she searched for ‘Mr. Right,’ mostly as an office manager, when she landed the ‘Big Fish,’ a dentist.  They married, had three (3) lovely children, all of whom, everyone thought she raised perfectly.  Grown and gone, back to square one, her life took a detour when she surprised her husband at the office with a champagne lunch, only to find him busy drilling his assistant.   So much for Dallas.  She is now renting a room from her cousin up north, and things are looking very different.